About MinistryHome

FORT WAYNE, July 4, 2007 -- Founded in 2003, MinistryHome serves individual ministries, missionaries and churches throughout the world with its MinistryHome website product. This unique product provides inexpensive, easy-to-use websites, enabling ministry workers to keep in contact with their supporters, raise funds and network in ways never before experienced.

Since other "social networking" sites tend to be ego-driven, many ministry workers are hesitant to sign up on them due to fears of being associated with non-ministry elements. MinistryHome.org offers a safe and purpose-driven alternative. Traditionally, ministry workers promote their ministries and build support teams on their own, often using photocopied newsletters. With many working in remote places, ministry workers can feel isolated from others serving in similar fields. Now, individuals can promote their ministries, raise funds, build teams, and network with like-minded individuals online with MinistryHome.org, saving both time and money.

Individuals create custom personal and ministry sites on MinistryHome.org in a matter of minutes. Personal content from popular web services such as Blogger.com, Flickr.com and YouTube.com can be aggregated into MinistryHome sites. All of this information is published immediately and is linked and searchable throughout the MinistryHome.org network.

Friends and supporters can keep up with ministry workers they are interested in by receiving automatic notifications of ministry updates, contacting their ministries. Being a part of a ministry-centered community such as MinistryHome.org gives ministry workers instant access to ministry-minded viewers. MinistryHome is truly moving ministry communication and networking into the 21st century. For additional information on MinistryHome, visit www.MinistryHome.org.