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Mark Tidwell & Dedria Davis-Tidwell  --  Experienced MK Caregivers

Our Background

Mark and Dedria direct MKSTAY with a combined 27 years of experience working with MKs. As missionaries themselves, they minister to MKs and their parents with heart-felt understanding, striving to embody Christ to MKs and ease their transition to life in the United States.

Dedria taught MKs from all over the world in 3 West African countries; then, on home staff, she counseled returning MKs and their parents, recruited MK teachers, and prepared new MKs for overseas living. Mark also has years of experience in ministering to MKs. His primary spiritual gift is service and he loves helping MKs with "real-life" skills.

Mark and Dedria minister to MKs through creating a comfortable home atmosphere, teaching them practical living skills, praying for them, counseling them, and helping them find resources to meet their various needs.

We are an evangelical, interdenominational, Christian, non-profit ministry assisting missionary parents assigned to overseas work by providing for their young adult child.

We provide:
  • a Godly, Caring Home
  • Intentional Teaching/Modeling of Healthy Life Skills
  • Access to a Network of Beneficial Resources.