What Are People Saying About MinistryHome.org Sites?

Increasingly, staff are exploring how personal Web sites can be a benefit in the MPD process. The sometimes-overwhelming question is how to do it. Many companies are offering their services to help people develop their own personal web site. What most of us want is something that is simple to use and navigate through. A former missionary has created Ministryhome.org for missionaries. To create your own Web site using this Web tool is as simple as 1-2-3. Let me encourage you to look at it and consider creating your own Web site through Ministryhome.org.

- Ellis Goldstein
Director of Ministry Partner Development
Campus Crusade for Christ

MinistryHome.org is an innovative, powerful and easy to use example of the way technology can be leveraged to accelerate ministry.

Chris Willard
Director (former)
Innovation Center for Technology

Thanks so much for the website info. I took you up on the offer and set up my site in about 15 minutes. I'm amazed at how EASY it is to do. What an answer to prayer this is for computer illiterate missionaries like me who want to utilize the Internet to stay in touch with supporters. I'm so blessed to have something so easy and so affordable to help make communication with my supporters more feasible. Blessings to you!

- Linda Seiler
Chi Alpha Missionary

We were looking for a way to have a web presence personally since so many of our supporters and friends were spending increasing time on the web. We looked into several other web site hosting possibilities, and MinistryHome was our overall favorite. When we initially signed up with MinistryHome, there were no JESUS Film templates. Paul graciously put together the templates we needed, and they look great! -

- Flip Amon
Jesus Film Project

Thank you for creating this website! God totally used my MinistryHome website to prove to me His sovereignty and amazing power. I had begun to sort of rely on myself through the support raising process, and was essentially limiting God and saying that I was the one raising my support, not Him. But God chose to amaze me, and prove to me that He is an all-powerful God capable of doing way more than we could ever ask or imagine...and to set me straight and reconfirm in my mind that HE raises my support...not me. God brought a random stranger to my site...some guy I never met before in my life, and led this guy to give over $800 a month on a long-term commitment towards my ministry, thereby finishing up my support!!!! I can claim no part in that...it was all God! Talk about amazing my socks off! Anyways...I just wanted to thank you for the site, and let you know that God is blessing people with it in more ways than one.

- Lori Huffman
Campus Crusade for Christ
Puebla, Mexico

We are very satisfied with the service MinistryHome provides... it gave my ministry partners a great sense of vision and it's easy for everyone to access. Thank you so much!!

- Amy Leskowski
Campus Crusade for Christ
Northern Illinois U.